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After the success of King of Tokyo, Richard Garfield strikes again with Ghooost!, a fast, easy-to-learn card game for the whole family. Play your cards wisely to get rid of all the ghosts, undead, vampires, zombies and other spooky creatures haunting your manor. Block your opponents while they’re trying to drive spirits out of their home – and into your backyard! But beware – the scariest ghosts will not be driven away so easily...

Ghooost! Rules overview:
Players form a face-down pile of cards in front of them (their “manor”), and receive a hand of 4 cards. In turn order, players either play a card of higher value than the previously played card, or take all the cards from the middle of the table into their hand, or try their luck by playing the top card of the common pile (the “crypt”). A player can play several cards of equal value and take another turn immediately. At the end of their turn, they refresh their hand to 4 cards by drawing from the crypt. If, at the beginning of their turn, they have no cards in hand, they must play the top card from their manor. The winner is the first player to get rid of all his cards (from both hand and manor).

Some cards have special powers: 1s can be played anytime, only a red card can be played on top of red cards, 8s change the direction of play, Death destroys all prior cards played, Kitties force the next player to skip a turn, Miss Copy is a wild card used to form sets of similar cards...

Ghooost! Features:

  • Fast-paced game with lots of twists and turns!
  • Manage your hand wisely for chain combos
  • Easy to carry, quick to play

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“Fun Quick Game”

This is a fun filler game that can be used in between larger, longer games. It is similar in play to “spite and malice” in game play but different enough that it would be desired differently than spite and malice. I would not recommend this game if you are looking for in depth strategy or something that has game play for a long period of time. How ever for a quick party game or a game for newer gamers it is a fun and fast paced game.


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