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Game Update – Fondue for Two

Posted by Jeff W. {Avid Gamer} | 11-Feb-16 | 7 comments

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As Valentine’s Day approaches, it seemed only appropriate to update BGdot with games that reflect the holiday. Here are the games we found which fit the romantic nature of the day!


Games featuring love, romance, and/or relationships

{G} – …and then, we held hands.
LudiCreations | 2015
Love Letter: Adventure Time
Alderac Entertainment Group, Cryptozoic Entertainment | 2015
{G} – Tanto Cuore: Romantic Vacation
Arclight Games, Japanime Games | 2013


Guess that’s not as popular a theme as we thought. How about a bunch of two-player games instead?

Two-Player Games


Game Families & Expansion Groups


Bottom of the 9th and expansions (Dice Hate Me Games)


{G} Jambo expansions (Kosmos, Rio Grande Games)


Released before 2015-16

{G} – Arena: Roma II
Queen Games | 2009
{G} – Aton
Queen Games | 2005
{G} – Carcassonne: The Castle
Rio Grande Games | 2003
{G} – Elk Fest
Kosmos, Mayfair Games | 2006
{G} – Famiglia
2F-Spiele, Rio Grande Games | 2010
{G} – Kahuna
Kosmos, Rio Grande Games | 1998

Much better. Here’s a couple more we added just because.

Additional (Non-Thematic) Games


{G} Other Tanto Cuore expansions (Arclight Games, Japanime Games)

Comments (7)

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Good way to round out the selection!

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Bottom of the Ninth has just enough to make for a decent game of indoor catch on a rainy Sunday – but if there were awards for graphic design and packaging in gaming it should take them. (Although by packaging I don’t mean getting everything back in the box easily.)

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There are lots of tasty two player goodies here. I have been playing Carcassonne: The Castle for nearly two years, and it is great. I have also been eyeing Bottom of the Ninth, Aton, and Kahuna. Yea for the two player games!

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Haven’t heard of half these games and not all that interested in the other half. However, people have been raving about Bottom of the Ninth a lot lately. Might just have to make an impulse buy!

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Nice to see and then we held hands added.
A beautiful game in concept and very well illustrated, even if the gameplay falls a bit short.

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I don’t care about baseball at all, but I ran a bunch of demos of Bottom of the 9th at BGG.Con and it was pretty fun.

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Bottom of the 9th! In plenty of time for pitchers and catchers, too!

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