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Boardgaming Updates – Edit or Delete Your Reviews

Posted by Jim {Power Gamer} | 3-Sep-11 | 12 comments

Added Games:

This has been another busy week, so we apologize for the lack of games added this week, but we’re pretty sure the features we’re working on will make up for it 🙂
Gold Mine
Launch Pad

Improving the site

New Feature: Edit and Delete Reviews & Tips!

Giving you more control over your content.

We’ve added the ability for users to delete and edit reviews, tips and other comments! There have been many discussions about whether deleting and editing should cost BG Gold or not, especially because of how reviews and tips factor into the game elements of the site. What you can and can’t edit, whether there is going to be a time limit, and how much BG Gold it will cost may change over time. But, at least we’ve finally tackled one of the largest complaints.

Comments (12)

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Amateur Reviewer

InD20 Group has had a few hdd failure issues and will be getting some more reviews posted soon sorry for the delay in our reviews.

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My First Game Tip

Good to hear. Rating a review is a question of whether the review is helpful to you or not. Not whether the spelling and grammar are correct. I can see why you may want to mark something like that as not helpful but honestly if the content is good giving a no for incorrect use of English is a shame.

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Pet Lover
Novice Reviewer

This really is a great feature, so thanks. Any word on whether we’ll be able to change the grade we’ve given games?

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Advanced Reviewer Bronze Supporter

Just one additional request: could the topics of reviews and tips be also readable? I have a typo in one of them (“Its” instead of “It’s”), and I’ve noticed I can’t correct it.

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A very welcome addition.

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Knight-errant Beta 1.0 Tester
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I hope that the ability to rate a review or post will be editable then as well. A lot of the negative responses I give reviews is due to poor grammar and spelling.

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Very welcome addition! The site will be better for it, keep up the great work!

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Critic - Level 2
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The Edit/Delete feature is well worth the wait. Thanks

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Advanced Reviewer Bronze Supporter

A welcome addition; thanks!
I must sit and do some cleanup…

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Petroglyph Beta 1.0 Tester

It’s very nice to have this ability. Thank you. 🙂

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3 Beta 1.0 Tester
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Review editing far outweighs adding a bunch of games.

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I’m afraid that changing the grade you give a review or the rating for a game is not something that will happen any time soon (due to the plugin we use for the rating system).

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