Get limited edition Mythic Kingdoms fantasy-themed playing cards while supplies last. Unboxes: Munchkin Panic

Posted by Account Deletion {Family Gamer} | 6-Aug-15 | 5 comments

Check out the latest video in our Unboxes series to get a close look at Munchkin Panic by Fireside Games.

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Interesting. While recycled – it appears they went with a ‘Best of’ for John K’s Munchkin art

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@Tom – the Munchkin humor is certainly in the cards, but so is the Munchkin take-that. This plays very differently than Castle Panic, with the primary point of the game being to hinder the other players, and the encroaching monsters an afterthought. They just happen to play on the same board.

If you want a cooperative game Castle Panic is the one – house ruling Munchkin Panic into cooperative rules doesn’t work very well. But Munchkin Panic is a better competitive game than the “Master Slayer” competitive rules included in Castle Panic. If you want a competitive tower defense game where you’re just as worried about your opponents as the monsters, Munchkin Panic is your best bet (better than Orcs Orcs Orcs in my book).

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I have Castle Panic, and it is a great light cooperative game. This looks very similar. I guess the “Munchkin humor” is in the cards and monster tokens.

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Never played a Munchkin game but I would pick up this one rather Castle Panic

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Munchkin Panic looks fun. Already adding it to my wish list.

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