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Board Games on (April 17)

Posted by Jim {Power Gamer} | 17-Apr-14 | 28 comments

board and card games on kickstarter

Below is a selection of games that stood out to us while browsing

Backing a project can be a great thing, but please do the research on a game before you put money into it. Happy exploring!

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Comments (28)

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Continuing to thin out on backed Kickstarter campaigns. My carryovers from last week are Sentinel Tactics and Bullfrogs. The only new addition for me is Escape Big Box (which looks like it will come with a free copy of Mammut). A few of these others look good, but I’m frankly exhausted from the last two months and trying to back the necessities only.

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Good to see Escape the curse of the temple getting a big box treatment. Still jealous that I don’t have enough to get Among the Stars right now.

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Linkage has some nice looking artwork and an interesting theme. And it’s not a bad deal at $14.

I’ve got Among the Stars already but I’m in for the new promos, and going to pick up some of the new tuckboxes.

64 Oz. Games’ Board Games: Now Blind Accessible project is in its final week. This is a mighty worthy project to help expand the joy and fun of board and card games to the visually impaired. I’d suggest to everyone who loves board games to send at least a buck or two their way.

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Dig Down Dwarf and Linkage are the only 2 projects I’m backing right now. Both look small and promising. After the KS funding ended for the Bacterionomicon (Of which I was lucky enough to get a copy of Healing Blade with), it seems like it will be a good addition to my shelf. I’m really digging the anatomical/biological games lately.

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I’m still hoping to jump into Treasure & Traps, but I need to get a play in of the base game before I can justify the expansion.

Sentinel Tactics looks nice as ever, but it’s too much investment at this point for me.

Escape Big Box looks like a pretty good deal. I backed the original release of the game, and I like all of the components for the game. It would be nice to have all of the rules in one booklet instead of several separate ones for each expansion component (of which there are MANY).

Eggs and Empires and Linkage have both caught my eye as lower-cost card games with beautiful artwork.

It’s time to review the game budget, methinks.

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Dig Down Dwarf: I actually dropped back to Foreman, because you get everything in a nice box… and the expansion.

Bullfrogs: I caved on this trying to get it funded. Normally, I’d wait to pick this up after more reviews, but they need help. It looks cool!

Sentinel Tactics: Is awesome. ’nuff said.

Among the Stars: This is a great card game. It will be available from Stronghold later this year, but you may not get everything… and maybe not at this price. If you want to just get the base game… I’d wait.

Eggs and Empires: Added this for now. It looks pretty cool.


Conquest of Speros
Cultists of Cthulhu: Miskatonic University
The Miskatonic School for Girls: Holiday Break Expansion

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In RECON at Agent level + and the All-In add-on for the 6 Mission packs that will end up being only a little over $16 each.

It’s my big splurge this year and after buying a lot last year, I’m going to put the brakes on for the rest of the year and focus on the games I have already.

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Way too many games for this Kickstarter board game addict to handle!

I’ve been in for a MYTH-level pledge on RECON since it was announced. Jumped onto the Escape Big Box thanks to @AccountDeletion’s heads up, love the look and buy-in point of Dig Down Dwarf, and won’t even get into my internal struggle with glorious Sentinels Tactics.

The wait for a successfully-backed project to be delivered kind of feels like waiting for Christmas when I was 7 and it was only Valentine’s Day.

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