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8th Summit Explorables

Posted by Account Deletion {Family Gamer} | 1-May-15 | 3 comments Featured Publisher

May’s Featured Publisher, 8th Summit, presents for your exploration the following games from their library:

8th Summit Logo

Run, Fight or Die!
8th Summit | 2014

Till Dawn
8th Summit | 2014

Ace Detective
8th Summit | 2013

Agents of SMERSH
8th Summit | 2012

These games will be Explorable from now through May 31st! They may not have the content necessary to complete exploration yet – but we can get there over the next several weeks! If you’ve played them, please consider writing a review and sharing your tips and strategies!

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Comments (3)

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If I like the story they are telling, 8th Summit pretty much an autopledge MIndie in my book. 🙂

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Ace Detective has nice looking pulp artwork. I also love the coffin case of Til Dawn.

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Run Fight Die is just a blast every time I bring it on the table

I’m waiting for my copy of Agent of Smersh.

Another 8th Summit game that I really like and that is not on this list is Expedition: Famous Explorer It’s like a Ticket to Ride game

There is also Coven that I missed on Kickstarter and there is the upcoming Defenders of the last stand that will it Kickstarter in May

Love 8th Summit games

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