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8th Summit: May’s Featured Publisher

Posted by Account Deletion {Family Gamer} | 1-May-15 | 1 comment Featured Publisher

Featured Publisher for May 2015

8th Summit

8th Summit Logo

Georgia-based 8th Summit, led by its uber-creative founder Jason Maxwell, has built a diverse collection of games, covering a broad range from storytelling games to noir card games to party games to zombie miniatures. The one thing that binds them all? An extreme devotion to theme.

This month 8th Summit launches their most ambitious project to date – the Richard Launius designed Defenders of the Last Stand. In order to prepare you for the Kickstarter launch on May 14th, as well as familiarize you with 8th Summit’s back catalog of greats just in time for reprints to hit retail, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at their body of work throughout May!

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8th Summit is pretty much a insta-pledge for me. I think Agents of SMERSH was one of the first campaigns The Boy pledged before I got dragged into the Kickstarter fold. They put quite the effort into their games making the both lovely component-wise and fun to play. We have SMERSH and RFoD and some more on the way – always a pleasant addition to our tabletop collection

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