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70 out of 129 gamers thought this was helpful

As an art history major I really like the theme for this Euro. The game plays smoothly with a lot of brainy decisions to be made. The dummy third player in the two player game works fine. My only gripe is that I wish the Fresco on the playing board was drawn more like a real fresco. It looks badly drawn to me

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Elder Sign

52 out of 96 gamers thought this was helpful

Great game! I haven’t played a game that has lead to this many cheers and groans for a long long time.

Some complain this game is too easy and while that may or may not be true I don’t hear anyone saying that it isn’t fun. That’s because it is! I for one am glad that this co-op game doesn’t beat us senseless like others of it’s ilk. Arkham Horror, Witch of Salem, Ghost Stories, and Defenders of the Realm. These games can be brutal. I appreciate that Elder Sign is more approachable. Each individual challenge can be difficult and that is what leads to the fun. The designers have made a game that feels like you accomplished something without crushing your spirit. This game will hit the table often.

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107 out of 221 gamers thought this was helpful

After 25 plays I have to say this is probably the greatest game I’ve ever played. The addition of the Dragon Expansion has made tis game insanely re-playable. The new generals and minions are awesome. The 3 hero expansions add so much. This game has turned into a game system. The designer has provided a tool kit for great thematic adventure and no two games will be alike. Even after only 25 plays we have compiled a long list of “do you remember the time when” experiences. More so than any other game I’ve played.

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