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THis expansion is worth getting just to have the bigger cards. Seriously, the cards are easier to shuffle and manage.

The additioanl route add a new flavor to the game.

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Mystery Express

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This game has some Clue-like elements but with much more. The best description I can give is that it is Clue, Mystery of the Abby, and Guess Who all wrapped up in one game with additional mechanics and a time element that make it even more exciting. It’s worth trying if you are thinking about it, and worth buying if you like mystery games.

Days of Wonder did it again with this one regarding the fine componants and beautiful graphics.

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Although this small expansion is inexpensive, I do not beleive this is worth wasting ones time on. There is very little value added to the overall game of Carcassonne. I was not impressed with the replay value. This is a must have for anyone who wants to collect every expansion and it does come with some interesting componants. Do not expect to make the game more enjoyable or payable with this expansion.

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