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Blue Moon

11 out of 15 gamers thought this was helpful

A fast 2 player card game. Although it got compared to Magic shortly after the release it’s nowhere near it. It’s less versatile, but also less complicated, making it easier for the casual gamers. The deck building is rather limited. First you need to pick a race and then you can add a number off other cards based on the amount of moons they are worth. This game ideal for a quick time filler.

The big downside on this game is the fact that you need expansions to be able to build decks since the core only comes with two races. Another problem seems to be that some of them have a bit of an upper hand.

The components of this game are great and beautiful, but the fact you only get two decks in the core drops the replay value substantial.*

It’s not a bad game, but just not good enough.

*The reprinted version by Fantasy Flight Games, Blue Moon Legends, comes with all decks.

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7 out of 17 gamers thought this was helpful

An easy to learn wargame that sparks interest for the whole family. Played it regular with my wife and kid. Thanks to the scenarios every aspect gets taught a step at a time. This way my wife doesn’t get flooded in the 80 page rule book and with my kid we can easily replay the starting scenarios with less fantasy and lore aspects. The only downside for some people might be the fact that dice mainly control the chances to win and less the strategic mind.

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