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Heimlich & Co. - Board Game Box Shot

Heimlich & Co.

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Undercover agents match wits in a race for the top secret file.
A darkened street - mysterious cloaked figures, who are these agents, and what are their plans?

In this spy game the agents are after the file containing the plans for the construction of a top-secret installation.

Object of the game:
As the agents move from house to house, on the inside of the board, the points they earn are marked by the progress of the pointcounters on the outter round edge of the board. The first agent to earn 42 points and move his or her counter around the scoring spaces on the outside of the board, is the winnder - this player is the one who is a Super Sleuth!

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“Simple, yet devious under the surface”

At first glance Heimlich & Co. is a simple game. Roll a die move pieces around a circle, and everyone collects points when someone lands on a certain square.

Where it shines is in the mechanics, when you roll the die you can move ANY spy, in any combination, e.g. roll a 3, red moves two and green moves 1. This mechanic is important because everyone’s color is a secret. So you are able to advance another spy to a point lead only so everyone else focus on them while you slowly have your spy climb up the ranks.

Point’s are tallied when a spy lands on the location of the ‘secret dossier’, the dossier then moves to a location chosen by the person who moved that spy.

Given that everyone scores points when you land on the dossier there is a lot of power in its replacement. Too far away from everyone on the board means you don’t know where you’re spy will be when it is landed on again. Too close and the spy who is two ahead of you might increase his lead.

Overall its a great bluffing and game theory challenge as you race your spy to the top. Lots of fun to be had and it is a quick and easy to teach game.


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