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Ninja All-Stars - Board Game Box Shot

Ninja All-Stars

| Published: 2016
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Ninja All-Stars is a new game coming from studio Soda Pop Miniatures, and published by Ninja Division.

Assemble your clans mightiest ninja and compete for honor and glory in the annual ninja games. The moonlight casts a pale light over the battleground as you compete with your team, earn experience, gain skills, and battle rival ninja clans in this league/campaign style game.

Featuring world class Chibi style sculpts from the world famous Soda Pop Miniatures team (makers of Super Dungeon Explore), expect fun and whimsical game play to be married with fantastic and unique style and fun.

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I Am What I Am
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“Lot of fun, with Chibi Ninja's”

Ok where to start,

As well as a rulebook, you also get a team roster sheet pad to record your team’s stats and progress, designed for league games, however the game works fine playing one-off challenges, and is really greta fun for getting new players into the game. If you have every played Bloodbowl, has some aspects that both have same in common.
You also get large-sized cards of stats for the Ninja Clan teams and six for Shrine teams. Also inc deck of 52 Moon Cards which are played throughout the game to either help your team or hinder your opponent, 12 cards of Clan Heroes, 26 cards of assorted Ronin and best of all a deck of stat cards for Ninja’s to be used in Super Dungeon Explore, which many also have a copy of.

You get two sheets packed with counters, the counters are colourful and nice and thick to use in the game, Most feature status effects – Activated, Curse, Delay, Haste, Lucky, Moon Power, Poison, Protect, Slow, Stealth and Stun.
The game board is exquisit and double sided which makes it more usable. One side an japanese manor house or temple on the other. Miniatures move from dot to dot, some of which have restrictions marked on them depending on their surrounding terrain. This can effect movement, status, LoS.

The 16 dice [8 black & 8 white] feature symbols of the six elements – Air, Earth, Fire, Spirit, Void and Water. This is a nice touch as it makes it friendly for new players. The dice are used to make tests and easy to understand.

Combat, Attacker rolls a number of dice equal to their Attack stat, Defender rolls dice equal to their Defence stat. These stats can be modified by certain circumstances. The results of the two rolls are compared, dice are eliminated based on counter elements, i.e Fire/water, etc. Result, the player with the most dice chooses a single die from those remaining for the result of the attack. Simple. Injured Ninja are placed in the Healing House until they heal, then move along to the Training House.

The miniatures are chibi manga in style and excuisite with a lot of fun and style. They hve alot of character and are both a painters minaiture and can be used just as is. The miniaturea are a draw as they are and really worth the cost of the game its self. If you are looking for a game that can get both adults and kids into gaming this has to be one of the draws. This is a clever rules style as its very easy to learn and play but difficult to master as you constantly learning something new.

The game itself Hmmm, how best to answer this, like one suggested before it is similar to bloodbowl than a traditional wargame, as you cannot kill the other Ninja’s just take them out of the game. You are injured or stunned. The game penalies poor choice and tactics, but rewards clever or smart play, so new players quickly learn how to improve the game play and can easily win

Recommended purchase.

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3 of 11 gamers found this helpful
“Awesome Game”

It is a game of confrontation. Each player carries a “clan” of ninjas and the goal is to defeat the other clans. You can play 1vs1, or “all against all” up to 4 players.

It’s from CoolMiniorNot. Authors of Super Dungeon Explore and Arcadia Quest. The one who knows one or both games already knows what there is: a festival of minis chibis very well elaborated, and a festival of game mechanics that sometimes are not so much.

This game is perhaps the weakest of which I have played CMoN. It’s not even a bad game. It is a game of confrontation and combat, fast and direct. The subject is well reflected and the kickstarter edition brings material to bore the most painted (4 “generic” equipment and material to do not know if they are 6 or 8 clans of the most varied).

Maybe where in my opinion the game fails a little is that it sins of the same that happens for example to Super Dungeon Explore: that there is no incentive beyond repeating the same scenario forever and ever. There is no campaign, there are no targets on the stage. Only to face the other clans and to distribute mechos. I have no problem with that, I love playing games … but the game does not offer anything apart from that


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