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Roll for It! - Board Game Box Shot

Roll for It!

| Published: 2011
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Are you a dice chucker? Do you wish you could roll dice to make basic everyday decisions in life? Are you that random? If so, we invite you to Roll for it!

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Roll for it! is a game of rolling and matching. Players take turns rolling their available dice and match them to face up values on cards. Match all the values and you win that card and score the points listed. The first player to score 40 points wins!

Roll for it! game-in-play


Choose all the 6 six-sided dice of one color. Shuffle the deck of Roll for it! cards and deal three cards face up to the center of the table. All players then roll 2 dice and the high roller is the first player.

On your turn roll your available dice. Check out their values and then match them to any of the dice images on the three face up cards. You may then place any of your matching dice next to a matched card. (Hold it! Only one die may be placed per image. Also ignore any dice that match none of the images.) Your turn is then over.

Roll for it! cards

Wha? That’s it? Well, yes, but realize that all players are matching dice on their turn – hoping to score that card. So there will be multiple colors of dice placed next to cards. In addition, you can place any or all of your dice, but you only get to roll the dice you haven’t placed. As soon as your placed dice match all the dice images on that card, you score it! Take the card and place it in front of you. Then flip over a new card from the deck. All the scored dice that were placed on that card are returned to your pool (and other players’ pools. Sorry Charlie!) and you can roll them next turn. If you find yourself stretched too thin, you can execute the “Take Back” option. Just return all of your placed dice from all the cards and roll them. Do over! Stack your cards in front of you and the first player to 40 points wins!

Who would enjoy this game?

Family Gamer {yes}
Roll ‘em little Jimmy!
Strategy Gamer {no}
Random, random, random. Soooo random
Casual Gamer {yes}
Avid Gamer {yes}
It’s the cream filling between your mind-bending euros.
Power Gamer {no}
Snake eyes!

Final Thoughts

Roll for it!: a mind-bending strategic challenge of insurmountable complexity…

Aw…who are we kidding. Roll for it! is as light as a cotton candy and just as fun. Yeah, there’s a high level of randomness which gives the game complete unpredictability, but that’s what makes this game rock (and roll.. ha!).

Your main goal is to make the best of what you roll and use those rolls wisely when matched to the face up cards. There is a good level of interaction then as everyone can see what other players are going for and either step in and steal those points, or lay off, and go for the less contested card. If there is any strategy at all it’s your decision to go for the big score cards (10 and 15 Points) or rack up a lot of little ones (2 and 5 points). If you are really lucky you can manage both. But those darned other players keep getting in the way! The game definitely has that level of “take that Grandpa Joe!” which is great. Grandpa Joe had it coming ever since he whipped you in Scrabble.

Roll for It! red-and-purple

There are two versions of the game (Purple and Red) and if you combine both sets up to eight players can Roll for it!. This makes the game a bit longer, but even more wild.

Aw heck, We could launch into all sorts of dice probability theory pertaining to the card draws and analyze the heck out of this game but what for? Let’s not waste too much energy. Roll for it! is a great filler and family game. It’s fast, easy and fun and it has dice. I mean, right? Dice, dice baby! Roll for it!

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“Quick and easy”

Roll For It is one of the best games to introduce to a new group of board gamers. The rules outlined above show how quick this game can be taught. This game is great for a group of people that want to have a conversation while playing due to the fact it does not require deep concentration or focus. This game can be played just about anyone and can interest just about anyone. My favorite benefit to Roll For It is how quick it is to set up and play.

There is a version that can be bought for ~$30 that offers up to 8 players at a time. The art style is different than what is shown here, as are the dice.

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“Give it a roll!”

Roll For It! by Calliope Games is a dice game where players take turns rolling dice and matching them to cards showing combinations and points. The more dice showing, the more points the card is worth. When a player matches a card he/she gets that card and its points and any dice belonging to other players trying to match go back to their hands. The first to 40 points wins.

Contents are 30 cards and 24 dice (6 in each of 4 colors) and their are two sets available (red box and a purple box each with its own dice color scheme). This allows 2-8 players when using both sets. We used a single set and added three sets of our own dice to play with 7 players and there was no loss of playability. I love a game that allows for scalability by its very nature and doesn’t stop being fun!

You just roll, match, score if possible, and play passes to the next player. It is tiny, easily learned and perfect for light, mindless fun with a heavy dose of luck. My whole group had a great time and each game lasted about 30 minutes. After the group left, my wife and I had a blast just playing each other. Cant ask for more than that!


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