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Roll for It!

47 out of 55 gamers thought this was helpful

Roll For It is one of the best games to introduce to a new group of board gamers. The rules outlined above show how quick this game can be taught. This game is great for a group of people that want to have a conversation while playing due to the fact it does not require deep concentration or focus. This game can be played just about anyone and can interest just about anyone. My favorite benefit to Roll For It is how quick it is to set up and play.

There is a version that can be bought for ~$30 that offers up to 8 players at a time. The art style is different than what is shown here, as are the dice.

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49 out of 56 gamers thought this was helpful

I’m a fan of digital board games as it allows new players to get a grasp of the rules quickly. I’ve played this on android, and it’s a fantastic adaptation of the board game. The AI is a bit predictable, but there are enough characters to play against to keep it fresh. Whether you’re stuck on public transportation or waiting a while for an appointment this game will help you pass the time.

I would pick this up on android since you can play it on your phone and tablet for one price.

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Formula D

47 out of 99 gamers thought this was helpful

This is a great board game to play whether you are a petrol-head, a board gamer, or a bored gamer (bad joke, sorry). Racing fans will love playing on tracks that they know and love, and the life like options for racing. The average person can easily pick up and play the advance rules with minimal effort. I have only played with 3 racers at a time, but I can imagine having 4+ causing for a crowded track and some entertaining racing. Real racing has battles for different positions, not just fighting for first. Play time for 4 racers is around an hour on the Monaco track.
The game also comes with rules for weather affects and tire options. I have not yet played with these options but I do look forward to it. Replay value remains high as a player can choose on the the unique drivers who have unique abilities, and additional tracks can be found online or in local gaming shops.
House rules can easily add more to this. I want to create some kind of Mario kart item system to make it really interesting! Do yourself a favor, buy this game.

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62 out of 80 gamers thought this was helpful

I have had this game since it first came out in the 90s and have been playing it off and on for years.

The premise of the game is to move your robot, using cards dealt to you, to each of the flags that players have placed during setup. While traveling to each flag players will push, pull, shoot, their way to victor. Hilarity can in sue when players push each other (whether by accident or grand design) causing a player’s careful planned movement to go horribly wrong by shooting other robots followed by falling into a bottomless pit.

This is a great game for younger players because the mechanics of the game are all about sequencing. A causes B which causes C. I found that it is also helpful in teaching directions to players (learning left from right when your character is facing an odd direction).

Over all this game has a lot of replay value because as you can set the board any which way. The only thing static is the board layout, however by moving flags from one location to the square next to it can greatly disrupt movement on the board as well as change gamers strategy.

Over the years my friends and I have developed new game variations. The rules dictate that gamers must race to each flag. However players can also do variants of “Capture the Flag,” “King of the Hill,” and “Death Match” to keep the game fresh and enjoyable.

The game is out of print but copies are available through Amazon around $40. Expansions were made but they can be hard to find. Fans of the games have created tools so players could print up custom made boards.

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