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35 out of 37 gamers thought this was helpful

Paperback is a unique word building and deck building game rolled into one. A kind of Dominion meets Quiddler, if you will.

Players begin the game with a standard deck of ten cards – five standard letters and five wild cards. On a player’s turn she draws cards from her deck, places them into her hand and then builds a word using some or all of those cards. The word is then scored and the points are used to buy new letter(s) (or letter combinations) from the face up offers. Players may also buy fame cards which are used as victory points for end of game scoring. When the game ends players count up fame points and the player with the most wins.

I absolutely love this game, it is on my top 10 card games list for sure. It is a super easy to teach (taking less than 10 min) and plays quickly. Some of the letter cards have “powers” that give additional benefits to buying them which requires strategy and planning ahead so the game is more enjoyable than standard word building games. The deck building aspect is great as you can really see your ability to create better words come into play as the game goes on. It also comes with play variants which I haven’t even touched yet, but am really excited to do so.

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King of Tokyo

38 out of 56 gamers thought this was helpful

I bought this game so that I could play it with my two sons (4 and 6), and was not disappointed by what we got.

Although my four year old needs a lot of guidance he still loves to roll the dice and create monster mayhem! On the other hand my six year old takes the game very serious and loves to upgrade his monster and take it to me. It never gets old.

This game has easy to understand rules, is quick to set up, and games normally take 15-20 minutes which is perfect for us.

If you don’t have this game and you have kids between 5-10 this is a must for your game shelves.

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