What are you playing this weekend? (Jun 10)

Posted by Account Deletion {Family Gamer} | 10-Jun-16 | 26 comments

After getting our rears handed to us on attempt #1 earlier this week, we’ll be taking another swing at January in Pandemic: Legacy.

What are you playing this weekend?

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Light gaming weekend. Played Battlestar Galactica w/expansions, 7 Wonders w/all expansions, & The Grizzled yesterday. Not sure I’ll get any other gaming in this weekend.

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I got in some Carcassonne last night, and I hope to Play Pandemic: Legacy today.

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Played Lords of Water deep and Fury of the Bear, the Russian Tide of Iron expansion, and will play more if I have time.

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Not too sure if I will get much in this weekend, but I am sure I can get some solo gaming on. Dungeonquest, Zombicide, and Pandemic.

Saturday – got a game of Star Wars: X-Wing (100 pts)

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@Strats YAY!

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Epic Game Day this weekend…

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