What are you playing this weekend? (Jan 3, 2019)

Posted by Tiana901 {Family Gamer} | 3-Jan-19 | 8 comments

This weekend is my extended family’s holiday celebration. I can’t wait to see them all! So the only game I will play is their version of Secret Santa with the ability to steal each other’s gifts.

I hope everyone had a very happy new year!

What are you playing this weekend?

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We played some Ticket to Ride with the Family. It is always a favorite and so easy to teach!

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Legendary – Ant Man expansion

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Just one game of Shadows Over Camelot.

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Friday: Lord of the Rings,LCG & Gloomhaven (2x)
Sunday: Blackbeard & a few solo plays of Lord of the Rings, LCG.

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I played lots of Qwinto, Cacao, and Istanbul; The Dice Game.

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I got in some gaming both Friday and Saturday. Started out playing Duelosaur Island, which renders 2 player Dinosaur Island a pointless exercise. It was quite the 2 player experience to be honest. Then I played Godfather Corleone’s Empire. I suspect that there will be tons of people playing it in the coming weeks now that it is selling for 17 dollars at TJ Max and Marshall’s as closeout deals. The original MSRP was a serious turn off for people I think (though I did get my copy the first week it came out and missed out on this current closeout phenomena) I then capped off Friday with 2 plays of Qwinto which is tied with Twenty One for my current favorite roll and write.

Saturday I played Crusaders Thy Will Be Done, which is my 2nd favorite 2018 release (TMG made a couple really great games in 2018 actually) And then later played Viticulture with the Visit from the Rhine Valley expansion at a boardgame cafe. The new visitors cards do have some Tuscany cards mixed in so we had to discard and redraw when they came up. Still it was Viticulture and that is always a good time.

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Played one game of Azul, introducing my father-in-law to the game. He’s normally a chess player and quite enjoyed it.

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I can’t decide what to play. I am open to suggestions!

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