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What are you playing this weekend? (April 20)

Posted by Tiana901 {Family Gamer} | 19-Apr-18 | 9 comments

More Lost Expedition and our live action Great Puzzle Pursuit this weekend.

What are you playing this weekend?

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I played more Dice Masters! What a great concept with so many variants!!

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Mask of Agamemnon
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Mtg online.

No big deal, I prefer the real one that there are many options for building decks.

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Managed to get in some good gaming between all the yard work.

Friday: Blackbeard
Saturday: Bunny Kingdom & El Grande
Sunday: Axis & Allies: 1940 & Lord of the Rings LCG

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Family cabin trip with my cousin and his family resulted in some gaming despite pretty good weather and almost spending the entire Saturday by the sea.

Great Western Trail, Spirit Island, Robinson Crusoe, Kingdomino X 2, Gulo Gulo X 4, Spot it!

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Dice Forge

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– slipped in 1 game of Pandemic (and won!)
– one game of Fortune and Glory: the Cliffhanger Game
– two games of DungeonQuest

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Saturday-2 games of Zombicide: Black Plague; 3 games of King of Tokyo; 2 games of Colt Express; 1 game of Castles of Mad King Ludwig, 1 game of Jamaica, and 1 game of Martian Dice.

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Saturday was our monthly game night at Barnes and Noble. We played Pyramids, Ra, Euphoria, Worlds Fair, and Blueprints.

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Peering over at one stack of my backlog, and I really want to clear at least one or two of the biggest boxes into the played pile in the closet. Krosmaster: Arena? City of Iron? Dragon Island?

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