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What are you playing this weekend?

Posted by Jim {Power Gamer} | 2-Dec-11 | 28 comments

My pre-order copy of Flash Point: Fire Rescue came in the mail last week! I played the family rules and thought it was a great version to get new comers into the game, as well as a version simple enough for younger kids to play! Looking forward to getting some of the more advanced games in to see how the different roles work.

I’ve also been tweaking my red/green LOTR LCG deck. I’m going to get some 1-player games of that in as well 🙂

What’s everyone else excited to play this weekend?

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I’m finally going to get my Cryx army on the table for Warmachine. Also, I’m going to try bringing a friend into board games by coaxing him with Battle Star Galactica, since he is a huge fan of the show.

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My Dice Tower Secret Santa told me that my package should be here any day, so I’m excited for that! Until then, I’ll probably play a lot of Bananagrams or Scrabble with my wife.

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Risk 2210; the kid picked it out at B&N with store credit. First time I’ve played risk in ~25 years. This is waaay better than the pooptastic game I remember. Board games have really grown up.

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Have my 4e DnD group coming over tomorrow to continue our campaign, plus we’ll be testing SW:CCG decks for an upcoming tournament.

Sunday is wide open, will be at a local game store so just about anything is up for grabs.


I look forward to your comments on Battleship Galaxies, I’ve been eying that game for a while but haven’t bit yet. 🙂

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I’m inventing my own version of “My Precious Presents”. With real presents and slightly different/better rules.

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I received a copy of Battleship Galaxies from a secret Santa yesterday, so I plan on breaking it out and playing at least one game this week-end. I also hope to get another solo game of the Lord of the Rings LCG as well. We’ll see.

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Axis & Allies: Guadalcanal is on the agenda. Or possibly Dominion or the new Asia map pack for Ticket To Ride. Good times.

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I’m looking to put the finishing touches on a homemade Pitchcar track and enjoy some dexterity car racing. We’re hoping to link it to the real version, so long as the track thickness works out.

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