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This week’s Explorable Favorites (Nov 2)

Posted by Account Deletion {Family Gamer} | 2-Nov-15 | 6 comments

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This Week’s Explorable Games

This round of Explorable Favorites is from member DaemonHammer. The games selected from their Favorites shelf were:

These games will be explorable until next Monday, November 9th

Comments (6)

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Warmachine looks like a cool game. However, I’m already neck deep in one miniatures game and can’t afford to dive into another. I always browse the Warmachine miniatures when I’m in my local gaming store. Interesting stuff.

Age of War has never been on my radar. I’d like to give it a try though.

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Not going to get into miniatures gaming at this point in life, but Warmachine would seem to be the way to go if I wanted to start that gaming. Age of War sounds like my type of filler game.

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Warmachine has terrific minis, and Age of War has been in my virtual shopping cart for a while now. Congrats DaemonHammer on having this week’s favorites.

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Hey, thanks guys! A friend (who is also a member of this site) just told me about this – I had no idea that my favourites were selected as Explorable games!

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Feudal Japan as a theme & setting is intriguing; thanks for encouraging me to dig into Age of War!

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Congrats on being The Man this week.Age of War is definitely a fun filler game!

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