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Review – Zombicide

Posted by Jim {Power Gamer} | 10-Dec-12 | 3 comments

Zombicide game in play

One to six players take on the role of survivors in a world overcome with zombies and must work together to scavenge for food, reach objectives and try to stay alive!

Even though books, comics, movies, video games and board games have been flooded with the zombie theme, there are still successful franchises that raise the bar and stand out above the rest. Zombicide is one of those. Zombicide has the perfect balance of gameplay depth and easy-to-learn rules that allow players to feel the tension of facing an unending flood of zombies, while having an absolute blast whether they win or lose.

It also should be stated that Zombicide was crowd-funded via the site, and it was backed with an impressive $781,597! One of the most funded tabeltop games on…

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Comments (3)

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After picking this game up, it is officially the most expensive game I own and it’s been worth it. The components are fantastic, and it is actually enjoyable to play through solo. I also love how the website has a plethora of extra scenarios to play with.

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While I agree that Zombicide is a great game – I bought it after a couple plays – I don’t quite agree that it’s the zombie game to get if you want a zombie game.

Zombicide can’t help but be compared to Last Night on Earth, and with good reason, they’re pretty much the tippy-tip-top of zombie board gaming.

For me, both are needed though. Zombicide is the “we’re all going to die” classic or modern horror film zombie apocalypse. Last Night on Earth is the cheesy, b-rated zombie movie with the corny humor and the bad special effects.

Zombicide = Walking Dead
Last Night on Earth = Shaun of the Dead

Zombicide has the tighter rules, but most of the scenarios have the same feel. “They’re coming to get you, Barbara!”

Last Night on Earth has the looser play, but can do a wider range of scenarios concepts. “You’ve got red on you.”

Both games are a lot of fun and worth owning.

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