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Review – The Walking Dead Board Game: The Best Defense

Posted by Jim {Power Gamer} | 21-Jan-14 | 3 comments

The Walking Dead: Best-Defense board game in play

The Walking Dead Board Game: The Best Defense takes 1-4 players into a rough world where the odds are not in their favor. Resources are precious and scarce, decisions can mean life or death for the survivors, and you must keep the walkers (zombies) at bay or you’ll quickly be overwhelmed.

This isn’t a game you’ve played before with The Walking Dead franchise layered on. Cryptozoic Entertainment has taken the gritty survival atmosphere of the TV series and created a completely fresh cooperative gameplay experience…

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Comments (3)

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Love the Walking Dead TV series, think they are trying to do something great for cooperative gaming here, I’m just still not sure this would be a game I enjoy.

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Really the game mechanics gave a slight changed at least enough to not have the dominant player at the table.

Zombies are really cool in cooperative games, but it sucks when someone is beside you talking you have to do or when someone on your side is obviously doing so much nonsense in game that will make you give a bad consequence.

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I found it very interesting that the designer tried to minimize the two most common problems with cooperative games: 1) the player that wants to take control of everything and 2) the players that became bored because they don´t participate in the decisions or because there aren´t other cool things to do.

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