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Review: Terra Mystica

Posted by Jim {Power Gamer} | 28-Jun-13 | 9 comments

Terra Mystica board

As one of fourteen different races, you seek to expand your control over the land itself. Transforming (or Terraforming) the landscape to your preferred habitat will allow you to build and expand your dwellings, granting you more workers to build, priests to increase your influence in certain cults, terraforming skills, travel capabilities and Power, which will grant you even more potent abilities to dominate the landscape and push the other competing races out…

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Comments (9)

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I really like this game but my group dos not. 🙁

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This looks fun

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Last I heard we had to wait until late summer 2013 for this.

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Eurogames are very nice!

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I really wish they would get the reprint of this one out ’cause I’ve been dying to play it!

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Hmmm… as great as this game appears I do wish they hadn’t used what look like the liitle wooden playing pieces from Settlers of Catan. But then again I suppose this could lead to players customising their pieces from both games, and that could have its advantages.

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I own it and have played it a handful of times. SO far I haven’t won one game, but I still keep coming back for more. This is a great game.

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@Andy It’s a great game…. similar to Stefan Feld designs. It’s a bit fiddly and takes some time to master, but worth the effort. I recommend it highly.

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I’ve only heard positive reviews from the people in my groups that have played Terra Mystica. It’s evaded me so far, but I look forward to (hopefully!) enjoying it myself.

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