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Review: Level 7 [escape]

Posted by Jim {Power Gamer} | 6-Nov-12 | 4 comments

Level 7 [Escape] title

In the typical “dungeon crawler” you and your group are heroes with awesome powers and weapons made for destroying any enemy or obstacle in your way. You attack enemies, and they attack you. You also usually have stats that you track based on health, defense, attack strength (melee and range) and intellectual ability.

In Level 7 [escape] you and your group are weak test subjects that are better off sneaking through danger rather than drawing attention by attacking enemies. You’ll come across security guards and aliens. Not only are they your enemies, but they are also enemies to each other (something worth taking advantage of)! The stats being tracked in this game involve how much of a threat you are to the facility, how much adrenaline (health) you have, and how calm or scared you are…

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Comments (4)

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Creepy looking game… I love it.

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The game is simply stunning. It has a very distinct theme and makes you afraid of attitudes that can be taken within the game.

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Funny you mention that Shamus, there was one play through where the escape route opened up, everyone was a few turns away from getting there, but I was right next to it. I decided it would be much safer for me to simply escape rather than help the others out. It turned out that my selfish act ended up saving them because they had more lockdown tokens to work with.

Just another example of the fun dynamics and balance of the game 🙂

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Level 7 is definitely a unique take on the genre. To some degree, you need to work with your fellow escapees. But just how far can you push that cooperation when after all is said and done, it’s every inmate for themselves?

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