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Review: High Noon Saloon

Posted by Jim {Power Gamer} | 12-Oct-12 | 3 comments

High Noon Saloon title

The High Noon Saloon card game recreates an old west saloon brawl with all the subtlety of…well…an old west saloon brawl! Players take on the roles of different western characters arm themselves with whatever weapons they can find from a Red-Hot Poker to a Peacemaker. Each player attacks the other players one-on-one then scrambles for cover as the bullets, chairs and tomahawks start flying! Last person standing wins (and foots the bill for the damage!) Grab yer gun varmint, you’re gonna need it!

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Comments (3)

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@Ricardo Azimovas: Though I have never played Deadwood, it is a VERY different kind of game than Bang! If you would like, ask your local brick and mortar if they have a demo copy for you to try out. If they don’t, tell them to contact us through our website and we’ll hook them up!

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Is it better than Deadwood or Bang!?

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Fun game. I played it past midnight one time. Got killed out right, but enjoyed it just the same. Good to see it represented at this site!

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