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Ingenious is an abstract tile placing game where you try to score points across six colors by making rows of matching sets. The game ends when the board is filled out and no more of the dominos-like tiles can be played. The player with the highest score on their least scored color is the winner!

What makes the game good in my book is that you can approach it from multiple different directions. Many players swear by the maximization approach, playing to max out one color at a time so they can earn extra turns. Other players go for breadth, trying to score well in multiple colors. Both strategies are sound, and usually a good player will switch between the two throughout the game based on their luck of the draw and how the other players are sculpting the board.

The game is great for 2, 3, or 4 players, making it very flexible for when a strange number of players (like 7) shows up to game night.

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