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Professor & Critic quest bugs

Posted by Jim {Power Gamer} | 30-Aug-11 | 28 comments
squashing bugs

[update 11:17 MDT 8-23-11] If you experienced this bug, you should be able to go back to your professor and critic quest status pages, and they will update to the correct status. Also… the editing of your comments is still in the works, currently on your profile page you can delete tips, news comments, and discussion comments.

Many you may have noticed that the Critic and Professor quests are all out of whack. The GOOD news is that the reason these bugs are appearing is because we’re working on a system that will allow you to delete/edit your tips and other comments (a highly requested feature)!

This is a challenging endeavor, because by deleting a comment or tip, we need to also update your quest status by removing the xp gained, grades given, etc.

We’ll have this resolved soon, try to avoid hitting your screen with a fly swatter, as that will not help the issue. (sorry, that was a bit cheesy)

To see what updates we’re making and when,
check out the Updates Page >

Comments (28)

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Mhm, just one thing: the quest themselves are OK along with the badges, but the professor level shows a funny bug:

Your Professor Skill Level
Progress: -93 / 800 xp for level 4

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Aha! A welcome update. For sure it’s worth living with whacked quest stats. 🙂

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If you go back to your quest status pages, they will update back to the right status. As well as correcting the badges awarded. We hope 🙂

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If you want more info on stuff to investigate I think the quest “Novice Reviewer” was triggered for me as complete by the faulty numbers. Now the numbers seems to be back to normal, but the quest still is flagged as complete. Now, maybe you’re allready on this, but if not I thought I should just give you the hint. Being a computer geek myself I know I would like that kind of input.

Anyway, keep it up!

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Thanks for the update on this, Jim.

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Huzzah for editing! My first review was done with little sleep so I’m quite happy I get to redo it.

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Aha! I thought I was too popular for my own good. I’m glad to hear the bugs are because you guys are working on something amazing. Soon, I shall delete that review where I accidentally hit enter too early!

As Hall & Oates would say, “You make-a my dreams come true.”

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