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L5R: The Coming Storm card previews – Legacy of Tadaka

Posted by Jim {Power Gamer} | 7-May-14 | 5 comments

L5R: The Coming Storm - Legacy of Tadaka

Legacy of Tadaka

Our first look at a Spell from The Coming Storm here at, and it is certainly an interesting one. Legacy of Tadaka has a trait that allows it to be attached as an Interrupt, right before another action is about to resolve. Then you’ll get the opportunity to use its own Interrupt ability, possibly putting a major hiccup in the well laid plans of your opponent.

Thankfully, this potentially powerful ability is tempered with the Spell destroying itself when its Interrupt is used. Usually this kind of ability is found on a Strategy card, but having it on a Spell is really very interesting to see. There has been a lot of concern that the simplicity of Ivory Edition may limit the range of cards that can be designed, but Legacy of Tadaka shows us nothing could be further from the truth and the the future of Legend of the Five Rings is dynamic and deeper than we might think.

Check out our preview of another card from L5R: The Coming Storm next wednesday!

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Gamer Bling has found that where L5R is played, it is played a lot. Including at his FLGS.

As far as the card goes, Gamer Bling lieks simple and elegant.

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It gets weekly updates during preview season for upcoming expansions, as is one of the (several) preview site partners. People are definitely playing L5R; its claim to fame is that it is one of the oldest non-Magic the Gathering CCGs still publishing today, and the oldest that has had a fairly contiguous time in print. The game will celebrate its 20th Anniversary next year.

With its last base set (Ivory Edition, released in March), it incorporated a number of rules changes to become a more new player-friendly game, and began a move to a “rolling arc” style of legality similar to Magic’s. L5R does not have the same hardcore, cash-driven competitive circuit as Magic, but it does do regional tournaments in the spring, and has annual National, European, South American, and Pacific Rim Championships, as well as an active “Winter Court” season of events that are applied for by individual tournament organizers.

The enduring nature of the game has much to do with the player community, and also with the interaction that competitive play allows with the storyline of the game, backed by faction selection and loyalty. This extends for some into the L5R tabletop RPG as well.

The audience for the game is not huge, but is generally loyal, and the game itself is fun for those who enjoy the strategy of deckbuilding and gameplay in a large card pool environment.

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I’ve also wondered why this game gets its own weekly updates here. This is the only place I’ve heard about it.

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I have had zero exposure to this game, save seeing an update now and then show up here on the site. Are people playing L5R? Obviously, if expansions keep showing up, people are buying it, but I am curious, how does this stack up to Magic. Is the comparison even appropriate?

I appreciate some insight. Thanks!

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Raiden!? lol.

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