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L5R Ivory Edition card previews – Walking the Way and Sudden Movement

Posted by Jim {Power Gamer} | 3-Jan-14 | 4 comments

L5R: Ivory Edition - Walking the Way card

Walking the Way

A reprint from the very beginning of the game, Walking the Way has been a staple of Shugenja decks since Imperial Edition. The ability to tutor out any card from your Fate deck has always been very powerful, but that’s not what should be the focus of this printing.

Returning for Ivory Edition is Quinton Hoover’s original artwork for the card. As many may know, the CCG community lost Quinton earlier in 2013. It is really great to honor all his work on the early L5R sets by choosing to reuse this art for the card, and give a nod to Quinton’s great contribution to the CCG genre in general with the credit on the side of the card. Rest in peace, Quinton.

L5R: Ivory Edition - Sudden Movement card

Sudden Movement

Also returning in Ivory Edition is this versatile card from The Shadow’s Embrace expansion of the Emperor arc. A great little package of movement, straighten and an added Focus Effect, Sudden Movement gives us options.

Useful proactively to harpoon in your opponent’s vulnerable units while removing their threats from the current battle, or as protection against bow by returning your unit to the battle fresh and ready to fight, this card will likely be an all-star early in the arc.

Make sure and check out our final preview of two new Ivory Edition cards on January 8th!

Comments (4)

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Mask of Agamemnon
The Gold Heart
Cooperative Game Explorer

Any card that makes you look for a card is dangerous, no matter cardgame.

Therefore, Walking the Way is dangerous and prone to combos.

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Indie Board & Cards fan

I had no clue Quinton Hoover had passed away! Sadness!

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Mantis Clan - Legend of the Five Rings

Although Walking the Way hasn’t been used in competitive decks in a while, ‘tutor’ style cards are usually very powerful. I’m glad that AEG decided to use the Quinton Hoover art here as a tribute to the man and his phenomenal work. May he R.I.P.

Sudden Movement is an interesting card. The Focus Effect is amazing for a Military dueling deck and the battle ability is great for removing problematic units and annoying personalities. You can also use the battle ability to save your best unit and bring in a random spud with Expendable.

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Rosetta Stone
Football Fan
Explorer - Level 5

Walking the Way…wow, what memories. Also, Quinton Hoover’s art is still some of my favorite from L5R.

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