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L5R Aftermath card preview – The Ways of Sensei Wu

Posted by Jim {Power Gamer} | 23-Oct-13 | 3 comments

L5R: Aftermath - The Ways of Sensei Wu card

The Ways of Sensei Wu

Recursion of powerful Battle Strategies is always welcome, and this Celestial gives us exactly that. While not as versatile as the widely played Jurojin’s Blessing, The Ways of Sensei Wu should provide a nice compliment to that Celestial and give any battle-based deck, an excellent one-two punch.

However with card slots at a premium at this late stage in the arc, will this Celestial make the cut?

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Beautiful art.

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I like this card too, and I like these Previews.

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At this point in the Emperor arc, any Emperor-only Aftermath cards are going to be in consideration for Legacy and BigDeck format. In those builds, recursion is a huge thing, and Celestials that discard themselves tend to be run along with other Celestials in a deck, since they won’t step on each other frequently.

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