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L5R: A Line in the Sand card previews – Second City Harbor

Posted by Jim {Power Gamer} | 23-Jul-14 | 0 comments

L5R: A Line in the Sand - Second City Harbor

Second City Harbor

Last week, we previewed Colonial Market, and today we get to bring you the other half of the Market/Port Holding scheme found within A Line in the Sand. Second City Harbor gives you something to do with the extra gold produced by the Markets, and lets you take that action again as many times as you have Market Holdings!

With the addition of the Economic keyword on the action, we now start to see a sub theme of capitalism and greed really take root with the seeds that were planted back in The Coming Storm. Will your samurai remain unblemished by the dirtiness of commerce, or will your vassals sacrifice a bit of their honor to come out ahead in the economic arms race that exists in the Colonies?

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Thanks for reading our previews for L5R: A Line in the Sand. Stay tuned for our next card preview on Wednesday, July 30th!

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