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kickstarter Game Review: Asteroid Miner

Posted by Jim {Power Gamer} | 1-Aug-14 | 1 comment

Asteroid Miner close up


In Asteroid Miner your goal is to mine, transport and sell as much precious ore over the course of 12 turns (one full revolution of an immense asteroid belt). Use unique employee types to set up mining facilities on distant asteroids. Sign contracts with transport vehicles to get that ore home and sell it. Upgrade your fleet and drive technology with research to reach more distant and plentiful asteroids. The player that sells the most ore at the end of turn 12 is the winner…

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I want to like this game, but after reading the rules I’m afraid this will seem more like work than it will a fun game. The early bird price is reasonable for what’s supposed to come in the box so I may still back it to see if anything changes my mind. Hopefully we’ll see some gameplay videos. Maybe that will ease my concerns.

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