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Games Added (May 18)

Posted by Tiana901 {Family Gamer} | 18-May-18 | 8 comments
Games added to

2018 Releases

History of the World
Z-Man Games | Published: 2018

Vast: The Fearsome Foes
Leder Games | Published: 2018

Burger Time: The Card Game
Oniichan Games | Published: 2018

Clash of Steel
Sigil Stone Publishing | Published: 2018

2017 Releases

Dark Souls The Board Game
Steam Forged Games | Published: 2017

Path of Light and Shadow
Action Phase Games, Indie Boards and Cards | Published: 2017

Treachery in a Pocket
Artipia Games | Published: 2017

A Tale of Pirates
Cranio Creations | Published: 2017

Helvetiq | Published: 2017

Palace of Mad King Ludwig
Bézier Games | Published: 2017

NSKN Games | Published: 2017

Quined Games | Published: 2017

2016 & Earlier Releases

Pyramid Arcade
Looney Labs | Published: 2016

The Kings Abbey
Breaking Games | Published: 2016

Dice of Crowns
Thing 12 Games | Published: 2016

HIRÞ – The Royal Game of Viking Conflict
Ion Game Design | Published: 2015

F2Z Entertainment Inc., Z-Man Games | Published: 2015

Successors: Battle for Alexander’s Empire
GMT Games | Published: 2008

True Colors
Hasbro, Milton Bradley | Published: 1999

Star Wars: Star Warriors
West End Games | Published: 1987

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Thanks for all the new games!!!

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I thought that 1999 was the original publication date, but now that I review the pdf of the rules, it is copyrighted 1990, so I am going to update the publication date to 1990. Some of the research is harder with the older games. I am not sure where the 1999 date came up in my researching. Thanks for mentioning it so I can get it corrected!

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It says here that True Colors was made in 1999. I remember playing that game in 1994. When did the original come out?

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Hey, I like the looks of A Tale of Pirates and Shadowscape. Sylvion has been in my Amazon cart for some time now; I love the Omniverse..!

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RSR, it’s one of my favorite games. I get the bug to play it again from time to time, and blew through it a couple of times just within the past couple weeks (when I really should have been doing other things). The mechanics of the games in that series seem like they’d lend themselves to tabletop gaming really well, so I always hope the license will be used in that format someday, same with Final Fantasy Tactics. 😀

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@ NickJones – Ogre Battle – wow.. that brings back a ton of memories. I played that a lot back in the day.

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Excellent work Tiana, Thanks! Successors to tag as owned and a couple more I’ve played.

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Nice, added a couple more that I have.

Burger Time: The Card Game

This recent trend of converting video games to tabletop games pleases me. Hopefully someday they’ll make a strategy game with elaborate miniatures out of the Ogre Battle series.

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