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Star Wars: Star Warriors - Board Game Box Shot

Star Wars: Star Warriors

| Published: 1987
Star Warriors puts you at the controls of the TIE fighters, X-wings, and other starfighters from the Star Wars universe. You'll jink, roll, loop, angle deflectors, dodge lasers, and return fire---pushing your ship and yourself to the limit as you battle to decide the fate of the galaxy!

In Star Warriors you'll find:

  • Data for TIE fighters, TIE interceptors, X-wings, A-wings---and every other major Star Wars starfighter!
  • Detailed but easy to learn rules for snap fire, overturns, and other maneuvers---you fly starfighters the way Rebel pilots fly them in the movies!
  • Standard, Advanced, and Optional rules---you pick the complexity!

---text taken from the box

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