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Game Update (Jun 26)

Posted by Account Deletion {Family Gamer} | 26-Jun-15 | 6 comments

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Cthulhu’s Vault
Jolly Roger Games | 2015

{G} – Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards: Rumble at Castle Tentakill
Cryptozoic Entertainment | 2015

{G} – Forbidden Stars
Fantasy Flight Games | 2015

{G} – Hostage Negotiator
Van Ryder Games | 2015

Mob Town
5th Street Games | 2015

{G} – Relic: Halls of Terra
Fantasy Flight Games | 2015

{G} – Arkwright
Spielworxx | 2014

{G} – Relic: Nemesis
Fantasy Flight Games | 2014

{G} – Villainy
Mayfair Games | 2014

Comments (6)

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Every time I see Relic I get excited and my mind screams Talisman in Space!!!!

Then a voice whispers “But you don’t own it…why is that?”

Then a third logical voice enters the conversation and blames it all on being unable to prioritize wishlisting and I’m off the hook.

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Yes, Epic spell wars and Hostage negotiator, thank you

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Villainy has the nicest cover art. It looks just like an old comic book!

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I love checking out the new games on this site. Thanks, @AD!

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Great list… but I don’t have any of those unfortunately!

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Nice list! I have my eye on Forbidden Stars now!!

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