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Game Review: Timeline

Posted by Account Deletion {Family Gamer} | 10-Feb-15 | 6 comments

Timeline Inventions Tight

Card Game | players: 2-8 | ages: 8+ | playtime: 10min

Publisher: Asmodee

An educational, history-filled game that doesn’t really favor the historically-minded? How is that possible? Well Timeline accomplishes it, in a fun filler-game package that encourages repeat plays (and expansion purchases). Whether you have 2 players or 8, you’re in for the same experience of trying to guess the correct order of occurrence of random events spanning centuries.

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What do you do when a game has expansions that don’t effect gameplay but merit attention? You micro-review!

These are a new feature at we’ll be using when doing a full review of an expansion would be highly redundant. Micro-reviews will contain a link to the principal game review if you want to read about set up or gameplay, then provide a few paragraphs on what the expansion adds to the game.

What better place to start than Timeline?

Micro-review of Timeline: American History

Micro-review of Timeline: Americana

Comments (6)

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Timeline was a big hit with my non-gamer family! It has enough decision making and is a enough quick play to hold everyone’s attention. We all have a blast playing this one.

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Nice idea. Micro comments for “micro games”. My daughter loves this game even though shes 10 and doesnt know much about history (and we are from Argentina and many cards are about USA facts).

she plays constantly on an ipad version a solo version….learning all the cards and make her hard to beat.

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I love pretty much everything of Asmodee’s that I’ve tried or seen played, so I’ve been really curious about Timeline. Thanks for the review!

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Timeline is a really enjoyable game, and a great choice for the new feature. The two biggest complaints I hear when suggesting Timeline to people are: 1) the cards seem too small, and 2) people would memorize the cards and there would be no replay value.

I’m somewhat surprised that neither have been an issue. The cards, while small, are a good choice due to the table space needed towards the end of the game, and there really isn’t that much on the cards you need to read. There may be an inventor’s name that’s tough to make out, but it’s not necessary for the game.

Secondly, we’ve yet to hit problems with people memorizing cards. If anything, multiple plays prove to people how easy it is to forget, and then they start second guessing, trying to remember if the date they have in mind is what they originally thought the answer was, or what the answer really is. It adds a level of humor to the game, watching someone doubt themselves, and usually pick wrong.

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Interesting filler game, and I like the new micro-reviews. Good idea!

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Ha! Micro-reviews! Well ain’t that clever boots. 🙂

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