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Game Review: Geistesblitz

Posted by renee {Power Gamer} | 17-Jan-12 | 6 comments

Geistesblitz kids game

A frenzied game of mental and physical dexterity.

There’s something you should know about Geistesblitz, despite its apparent simplicity this game is mentally challenging and sometimes very intense.

Geistesblitz components

In Geistesblitz, which translates to “brainstorm” in English, five objects are laid out and a card is revealed indicating which object the players must select.

Grab the correct object earns you cards but grab the wrong object and you loose them. The player with the most cards when the deck runs out wins. The rules are simple but chances are you will find yourself feeling stupid at what you thought was just a “kid’s game”.

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Comments (6)

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Neat, good review!

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Thanks for the review! I think this will be a good game to bridge a younger audience into the hobby.

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I have never heard of this game – Thanks for the review. Sounds like a good family game!

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I love many a Zoch game, and this looks to be another winner.

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Great review and it looks like a promising game.

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Please enjoy the review, I’m sure this game is new to many of you.

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