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Game Review: Bang! The Dice Game

Posted by Andrew L {Avid Gamer} | 13-Mar-14 | 5 comments

Bang! The Dice Game in play

In Bang! The Dice Game each player, as either a Sheriff, Renegade, Deputy or Outlaw, must meet their own specific goal: The Sheriff has to eliminate the baddies, and the baddies have to… well you get the idea. Each player also has a character that gives them a specific special ability as well as a life total counted in bullet tokens. Roll dice, read the results and try not to get eliminated by other players or the attack of the (ahem) Native Americans. Last person standing wins…cowpoke.

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Comments (5)

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We may have to check this out. Bang! is one of my gf’s fav games so we’ll have to see how this stacks up to the original.

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I am a sucker for dice games for portability sake, and I enjoyed the original card version. I am going to keep an eye out for this one.

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I’ve had Bang: The Bullet on my list for a while now, but this looks a little more fun and more likely to make it to the table given it’s shorter time span. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be difficult to get longer games to my table. The few times I played Bang with other people at work, it did run long. So, I think this replaces the original version on my wishlist.

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Wow, that does look fun. It’s going on my list!

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Cool! I just played this for the first time and picked up a copy immediately. It plays much faster and smoother than the card game version… and will most likely become a regular in our “short game” rotation. I look forward to the inevitable dice expansions.

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