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Family Focus Review – Q•bitz

Posted by Jim {Power Gamer} | 31-Jul-13 | 4 comments

Family Focus Review

Family Focus Review

These reviews provide insight on some of the best games for families with young gamers. Written from a parent’s perspective for a fun and educational family game night!

Q-bitz game in play

Q-bitz is a game that will have you and your children scratching your heads, biting your nails and throwing your arms up in triumph! Each player has a tray and 16 identical cubes. In each round, one of 80 different pattern cards are turned face up. Players are challenged to simultaneously recreate that pattern using their cubes on their own tray. The first player to recreate the pattern shouts: “Q-bitz!” and captures that pattern card. After nine rounds, the player with the most cards wins!

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Comments (4)

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But it’s definitely not for everyone, but it’s not limited or tedious. It’s a real test of your immediate memory and brain power, and patience. Raises your blood pressure a bit as most timed games do. Regarding it being “limited” as a 3-4 player game with 80 different patterns you can play 8 ( and a little more) full games in a row – but with three round “types” varying how the card are used, that makes many more possibilities. (plus there is a 100 card expansion pack) I recommend it!

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Looks Tedious

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Focus for the kids to have fun.

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Seems interesting, though a bit limited.

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