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Digital Card Game Earthcore: Shattered Elements beta

Posted by Jim {Power Gamer} | 5-Dec-14 | 2 comments

Earthcore digital card game

Join the beta before December 10th

Earthcore is offering readers 10 guaranteed slots by simply registering before the 10th of December and entering in “” in the “Favorite CCG” field.
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About Earthcore: Shattered Elements

Earthcore is a fantasy collectible card game with AAA-class graphics, with a revolutionary risk-based mechanics that substitutes mana and defence points. The game has a unique card crafting feature providing the players ability to craft 500.000 different card combinations, giving a wide range of new strategic options.

More Videos

Risk mechanic video >

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Official Earthcore Website >
Developer Blog >
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Mage Wars fan

sounds interesting

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Summoner Wars Fan
Unicorn Clan - Legend of the Five Rings

Looks great! Awesome ideas for the guaranteed slots, but alas, my clunky old IPad 2 doesn’t meet the system requirements. 🙁

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