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BoardGaming Updates (11-July-11)

Posted by Jim {Power Gamer} | 11-Jul-11 | 1 comment

Added Games:

Tikal II
Tales of the Arabian Nights

Added Expansions:

Hive: The Ladybug

The Gamer

New Gamer Quests!

Get rewarded for hearting games.

The games you heart will show up on your profile “Hearted” shelf, which will show how many hearts you’ve given to each game. Give 25 hearts to your favorite game and you’ll unlock a secret Gamer quest!

See the new Gamer quests >

New Site Features

Game lists (category pages) now show, and can be organized by, the number of hearts games have been given, and the number of times they’ve been played.
The number of times played is a total of all gamers clicking on the “Played Today!” button.

See it in action >

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Wow, Hive Ladybug Is older than I thought!

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