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Board Games on (July 18)

Posted by Jim {Power Gamer} | 18-Jul-14 | 5 comments

board and card games on kickstarter

Below is a selection of games that stood out to us while browsing

Backing a project can be a great thing, but please do the research on a game before you put money into it. Happy exploring!

Miniatures Games

Role-Playing Games

Other Board Game Related Projects

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My carry-overs are: Through the Ages, Dungeon Lords and Zombicide.

I’ve backed four new campaigns since last week:

Flash Point: Honor & Duty (née Call of Duty): I bought Flash Point a few months ago, and it has become my favorite simple/quick cooperative game. It’s always challenging, and fire is impatient so the game never drags. I’m ready for an expansion… so why not get ALL the expansions? During the pledge manager Indie Cards and Games is giving discounts on the first 5.

AquaSphere (just launched today): super quick (10-day) campaign by TMG for a new Stefan Feld game. If you are looking for a cheaper-than-retail copy of Rialto, they have a pledge level that includes it for an additional $30.

Alhambra Special Edition Big Box: I think I’ll like Alhambra, so I may as well get it with an extra box containing 4 complementary games.

Street Dice: I don’t care for the theme (car racing), and have never played a game based around it. But it’s much cheaper than games with a similar number of dice (about a 3rd of the cost of Castle Dice, for example), and looks pretty solid. Methinks it will struggle to fund, though.

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Luckily nothing particularly appeals to me. My wallet is safe!

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Nothing really knocking my socks off on The Kick this week (which is fine as the weather has been Heatwave-rinse-and-repeat so socks aren’t even on to begin with)

The Malingering

Through the Ages & Dungeon Lords Birthday Bash for purposes of wishlist fulfillment and a promo pack pledge to the UnPub for fighting the good fight.

The Boy continues to roll about in the throes of Zombicide Season the Third passion and has decided to lay claim to the District-Z pledge because he’s got the Zombie Madness. I can’t even cool off in the shadow of Cool Mini Million’s plastic Horde Across The Kickstarter it seems.

The Eyeball Worthy

Here are some I ‘like the cut of their jib’ watchworthies I have stumbled across.

Factions I am liking their Summoner Wars tactical meets a blood sport arena feel. That’s a good slice of jib.

On the RPG front:

Maximum XCrawl is a Pathfinder sourcebook for bringing a death-sport dungeon to your Player Characters. Sounds like fun one-off or side-stepping adventure.

The Algernon Files 3.0 I couldn’t tell you thing one about Mutants and Masterminds, but I enjoy Cape sourcebooks for the purposes of flip-throughs. Whether an RPG-er, Comichead, or just Persona Imaginata – it is always fun to read origins, backstories, and power stats of the X-factor’d and Go-Go Booted.

Vault of Adepts Gaslight? Conspiracies? Eldritchy Goodness? A PDF of props? A name like Laudanum Studios? I have eyes on you.

And I stumbled on this for those so inclined – while blurring the lines of Tabletop and Tablet – Core Worlds – my favorite of deck-building takes to the aether is running a campaign to go digital – aptly titled: Core Worlds Digital . So as the kids would say: ‘That’s happening…’

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I think the only new thing I’ve added is the Call of Duty expansion for Flash Point. However, seeing the Elfquest game brings me back to my childhood…some of my favorite comic book memories. I will take a closer look.

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An Elfquest game! Very awesome! And it looks kind of like the Pathfinder ACG! I still have the old Elfquest RPG stored in a closet somewhere, but I never have the opportunity to play it. Instantly backed.

And New Dawn looks pretty good, too.

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