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What are you playing this weekend? (Aug 12)

Posted by Account Deletion {Family Gamer} | 12-Aug-16 | 47 comments

We’ve finally recovered from our move, and the house is mostly box-free, so we’re getting back to Pandemic Legacy. We got crushed in our first attempt at August, losing in just 5 turns (not rounds, but turns… I played exactly once), so we’ll be giving that another shot.

What are you playing this weekend?

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The Builders on Sunday arvo.

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Played Mansions of Madness using the new app on Friday.

Sword of Rome on Saturday afternoon. Not sure I will get to do any other gaming this weekend.

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Hoping to get stuff from Gen Con on the table…
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Star Trek Ascendancy



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We have got into introducing old VHS movies with the teenager kids so we haven’t been playing as much as usual. I hope to get another play of Pandemic: Legacy in as well as get the new Timeline Challenge played.

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Looking forward to some gaming this weekend. Maybe Fortune and Glory: the Cliffhanger game, Zombicide: Black Plague, maybe a game of Blood Bowl, and if lucky a game of Star Trek Starship Tactical Combat Simulator.

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We played a lot of filler games this weekend so far, Love Letter, Timeline, and Tsuro of the Seas. Then we played Telestrations which is always fun. Was hoping to get to City of Horror or burgle bros but it didn’t work out.

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Been away from the site, but am back now. Got a great group that meets weekly and this weekend we are playing Battlestar Galactica. Easily one of our favorites, but anything with a traitor makes my group happy. We’ll probably round off the evening with some quick games of Secret Hittller!!

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