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kickstarter preview: BITBOX

Posted by Jim {Power Gamer} | 16-Aug-16 | 8 comments

As your game collection grows, it can start to take up a lot of room. The BITBOX is a great solution to start taking back that precious real estate!

The following is a preview of a prototype of BITBOX. The final product will be even better!



If you’re like us, you’ve had to buy a shelf or two (or more!) to fit all those wonderful board games you’ve been collecting over the years. As my shelves have begun to fill up, I really wanted to avoid buying another shelf or being forced to thin out my collection. I was excited to see BITBOX show up on kickstarter, so I reached out to the folks at Game-Ovations and they were kind enough to send us a prototype to try out.

Putting it to the test

The quality of the BITBOX is top notch and extremely sturdy. The top two trays are meant for game boards and rulebooks. Then you have four pull-out trays where you can put the individual boxes for storing each game. The game boxes come in small, medium, large and extra-large sizes. They say you can fit 10-16 games in one BITBOX so I found a variety of games (large and small) to see how they would fit.

Below is a photo of what I was able to fit into one BITBOX. A total of nine games and three+ expansions. It’s worth noting that each of those Zombicide boxes is jam packed with smaller expansions like extra zombie minis, add-on characters and additional game boards.

BITBOX what fits inside

This next photo shows each individual box next to (or on top of) the original game box it came in. This way you can see how it all fit in.

BITBOX opened

Final Thoughts

I’m very happy with the BITBOX and plan to get at least three more as well as their BITBOX Mobile (see below), which should free up an entire shelf for me. Below are a couple points to consider that I experienced while using the BITBOX.

Parting with the boxes: If you love displaying your games on the shelf like I do, choosing which game boxes to part with is probably the hardest part of using the BITBOX. But when your game storage space is overflowing, reality sets in and the BITBOX is worth every cent. Tip: I chose the games that I don’t typically display front and center.

Other Tips

  • Saving the most space: I found that the BITBOX did its job the best with games that had the most empty space in the original game boxes. Card games tend to be the most common for having big boxes that act more as advertisements than efficient storage containers.
  • Label your newly organized games: Once you’ve got your games stored in the BITBOX, don’t forget to label them so you can easily find them later. I plan to print out images of the box covers so they fit on the front of the BITBOX trays and on top of each individual game box so I know exactly where they’re at for easy access.
  • Taking your games on the road: Game-Ovations’ BITBOX Mobile is a perfect solution for traveling with your newly organized games that is way more efficient than taking a big stack of games in their original boxes. You can learn more on their kickstarter campaign page.

We weren’t able to cover everything the BITBOX has to offer in this article (provided bags for components, box dividers, foam inserts, etc.), so we highly recommend you check out their kickstarter campaign.

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Comments (8)

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Legend of the Five Rings Fan
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Smash Up Fan

I’m also apprehensive about getting rid of my boxes, but then I decided I would cut the front image off, matte them, and hang on the walls of my game space. I’ve honestly been looking for a system like this for a while, and anyone who has a bunch of card games should surely see the value in the Bitbox 🙂

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I play red

This seems like a good concept for travelling but to us the original boxes are like art. They decorate our selves and make things colourful. Still an interesting idea for a reasonable price.

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Novice Reviewer

Agreed with the majority about original boxes, but this would be a great solution for travelers who want to bring some of their favorite games along. Or if you’re a college student who doesn’t have a lot of room in his/her dorm for a huge shelf of board games.

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I play blue

These look nice and seem practical, but I probably wouldn’t discard my original boxes. I could see myself using these to store several games in a small space. That would make the games easily accessible for those with limited display space. I would use BITBOX, but I would likely put the games’ original containers in the attic or in a spare closet

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Advanced Reviewer

Space saver for sure. However I agree with TechieMoe and Stargazer, it’s original boxes and accept no substitutes. Original boxes bring such an nice color and theme on my shelfs that I wouldn’t change it for anything.
Besides people get more interested on boxes than filing cabinet look, easier to sucker them in to playing games.

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I play blue
El Dorado
Guardian Angel

This is a really neat contraption. However, I’m with TechieMoe. As a completionist freak, I must store games in their original box or else the desecration will cause the end of the world.

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Intermediate Reviewer
I'm a Gamin' Fiend!
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Master Grader

Thank you for writing about this product – shipping to Canada is highly priced, but still interesting!

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I love this kind of stuff, have to check it out I guess! 🙂

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