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1A Games Explorables

Posted by Account Deletion {Family Gamer} | 1-Apr-15 | 2 comments Featured Publisher

April’s Featured Publisher, 1A Games, presents for your exploration the following games from their library:

1A Games -

Tide of Iron: Next Wave
1A Games | 2015

Cross Hares: Testing Ground
1A Games | 2014

Tide of Iron: Stalingrad
1A Games | 2013

Tide of Iron: Fury of the Bear
1A Games, Fantasy Flight Games | 2010

Tide of Iron: Normandy
1A Games, Fantasy Flight Games | 2008

These games will be Explorable from now through April 30th! They may not have the content necessary to complete exploration yet – but we can get there over the next several weeks! If you’ve played them, please consider writing a review and sharing your tips and strategies!

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Actually, giving a prize for the first review of a game seems like a good idea, but I would add a rule about positive ratings to it.

First review with a preset defined amount of positive ratings or ratio good/bad would deny those short, uninformal reviews.

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What’s the point of having featured publishers if the games featured aren’t explorable because no one has reviewed them?

Is it to entice folks to fix that? Because if that’s the goal, it seems like you’d get better results front loading the reward rather than just giving the possible benefit being first to act gives right now.

Maybe offer a single gem to anybody who writes up the first review for a game. Sure, folks might try to game the system to get that, but you fix that by just having all initial reviews needing admin approval.

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