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Tide of Iron: Fury of the Bear - Board Game Box Shot

Tide of Iron: Fury of the Bear

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Operation Barbarossa has commenced and the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union has begun. Employing over 4.5 million troops Germany's invasion spreads across an 1800 mile front. Pressing forward the Germans seek to claim territory up to the Arkhangelsk-Astrakhan line. These two Soviet cities mark the proposed eastern border of the Reich. The Soviets however have no intention of going quietly. Despite Soviet defenses Germany continued to gain momentum from successes in other areas. Operation Typhoon began targeting Moscow. But once again Soviet defense forces pushed Germany back. A counter-attack would soon follow...

In the Fury of the Bear expansion to Tide of Iron, you take command of the Germans or the Soviet forces as war on the Eastern Front begins. The Fury of the Bear expansion for Tide of Iron builds on an already epic game experience by adding the forces of an entirely new nation as well as new vehicles winter terrain scenarios and more! Featuring nearly 100 plastic figures for the Soviet army plus new German figures tokens cards and 9 new Eastern Front map boards the Fury of the Bear expansion will let you experience Tide of Iron in an entirely new way. In addition Fury of the Bear will also offer exciting new mechanics such as a combined strategy deck a system of counter intelligence known as subversion and all-new specialization types! With all these additions not to mention the most tanks of any Tide of Iron release Fury of the Bear will expand your options and challenge your strategies! Are you prepared to face the fury of a nation?

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“Winter or Summer battles in Mother Russia”

This expansion adds Panther tanks for the Germans, (first introduced in the Normandy expansion), and Kv-1, T-34, and Su-122 tanks for the Russians. Maps and Map overlays allow for summer or winter battles. I would have liked to seen more winter road map overlays to finish the roads, Some scenarios I’ve seen use winter balka tiles for road tiles. A few more winter woods hexes would have been nice too, I’ve seen a couple of scenarios that use winter swamp hexes for winter woods hexes. I like this expansion a lot and find it to be the most versatile. With it, you can design Summer Russian scenarios, Winter Russian scenarios, Battle of the Bulge scenarios, and Finnish Winter War scenarios. I have already designed a Battle of the Bulge scenario, and there is an available Finnish Winter War scenario on the web.

There are a few optional rules with this one that may make it a little more difficult that the original game. Sabotage and Ammo types for tanks add a little to the game. I have yet to play the ammo rules, but they have now been included in the Next Wave base set. If you like armor, this is the expansion for you. If you like combat in the winter, here you go!


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