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Tide of Iron: Normandy - Board Game Box Shot

Tide of Iron: Normandy

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June 6th, 1944 marked red-letter date in the Second World War. Better known as D-Day, the 6th marked the beginning of Operation Overlord, the Allied battle plan coordinating major offensive against German forces at Normandy, France. Here, on the beaches of Normandy, the Allies would either gain the foothold they needed to bring down the German war machine, or suffer devastating defeat.The Normandy Campaign Expansion expands the Tide of Iron base game by allowing players to recreate Allied beach landings against fortified German defenses. Players can also push past the beaches into the bocage, where soldiers fight in the dense hedgerows of the countryside.The Normandy Campaign Expansion also includes: Eight new scenarios including four linked campaign scenarios Over 100 new cards including Weather and Leadership decks New geomorphic terrain boards and overlays such as beach and bunkers New AFVs, including the American M-10, and the German StuGIII, Jagdpanzer IV, King Tiger, and Panther.

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“A very good first expansion”

This expansion adds British troops and some good armor, the M-10 tank destroyer, Stug III, Jagdpanzer IV, and Panther tanks. Plus maps and overlays that add hedgerows, Beaches, Bunkers, and more. The weather system is great for adding changing weather to your game. Leadership decks add more variety to your game, based on your leader. Many scenarios can be made from this expansion. There are a few scenarios on the internet for this expansion, and the campaign rules also add a lot. You can have multiple games where your units can advance through scenarios. This is a great expansion for any player. Other rules add to the game like destructible buildings. This is one of the least expensive expansion.


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