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Games are about 15-20 minutes, 1-4 players.

This is the digital adaptation of the popular game The Settlers of Catan. Its not necessary for you to have played the original board game before. The Digital version offers a very good tutorial.

The game is set up with a game board of 19 hexagonal terrain tiles. The terrain tiles is the key of the game, they contain different types of products that will be produced during the game, depending on the result of the dice roll. Hills produce brick, forests produce lumber, mountains produce ore, fields produce grain, and pastures produce wool.

In the beginning of the game all players each place two small houses (settlements) and two roads on the board game. The settlements will be placed on spaces where three terrain hexes meet. The roads will be placed next to the houses.

On every tile there is a number from 2-12, they represent which product that will be produced when the dices is rolled. For example:
The dice roll is an “8”. Each player who owns a settlement adjacent to a terrain hex marked with the number “8” now receives a resource produced by this hex.

The products are then used to build roads, houses and cities but can also be use to buy development card. Development card can be used during the game and grant you different perks. For example:
To build a road you will need to “cash in” 1 brick and 1 lumber. That means that you will need to have a settlement or a city adjacent to a hex that produce these products. But you can also trade in other resources for your benefit, either with the bank or a harbor but also with the others players.

Objective and goal

The objective is to win 10 victory points before anybody else does. You can do this by building settlements and city’s, they give you each 1 VP for settlements and 2 VP for city’s, you´ll receive 2 VP if you have the longest road, build a minimum of 5 roads that are connected. If you have the largest army which can be collected by buying development cards you will receive additional 2 VP.

When you have collected 10 VP you win the game.


The digital version is amazing, you can play offline against bots or online against real players. If you buy the expansions you can also play a campaign and also different scenarios.

Obviously its much more fun playing the original with friends but this is a good substitute, especially when you play against other players from around the world.

If your not able to play the original as much as you would like too, this is a definite buy! (It´s about 4$ at the App Store)

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Small World

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Games are about 40 minutes, 2-5 players.

In this game you will play as fantasy race with a unique special power. There are total 14 different races and 20 special powers that can be combine to create a unique set up.
Players will try to defeat each other by conquering the different terrain on the map.

6 randomly-drawn combinations are placed next to the board map.
Each player then selects a race and special power combination. The top combination is always free but the others combos will cost you. All players begin with 5 coins.

A combination can for example look like this;
Wealthy + Skeletons
Forest + Sorcerers
Alchemist + Dwarfs
Flying + Amazons

Once a combo is selected, those below are moved up the and a new one is revealed.

The combination of race and power determines how many race tokens you will be able to play with. You will start placing your race tokens from the corners of the board or from a region placed along the ocean.
Once on the map, you can conquer any adjacent region as long as you have sufficient tokens.

To conquer a region on the map you must place 2 race tokens. If the region is occupied by a enemy race you´ll have to place 1 additional race token for every enemy that is placed there. The same goes if the region is occupied by a fortress, mountain, or a troll’s lair marker.


The objective during your turn is to conquer as many regions of the map as possible and at the same time try to incorporate your race and special. power. Some powers will grant you extra coin for a specific conquered terrain. Some powers will make it possible to build fortresses that can generate more coin and defense.
Race and special power can also benefit you to conquer regions with fewer tokens.

After your have placed out all your markers, either by conquering or defeating enemy’s you will count how many regions you have, you´ll receive 1 coin for every conquer region.

After you have counted your earnings you will be able to replace your race tokens for defensive purposes.


The goal is simple, most coin tokens after 9 turns (4 player) win.


This is a great game, truly. Its a very strategic game witch makes it very even from the beginning.
I would recommend to play with 3 or 4 players because it takes a bit to long with 5 players and its easy to lose focus.
I also like that you can change your race and special powers through out the game and quickly change your strategy. This feature makes it an even more diverse game.

This is a definitive buy!

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Games are about 45 minutes, 2-4 players.

You play as a team of specialists, each player has a unique skill that will come in handy during the game play.

During your turn you can do 4 actions:
Move or travel to different cities, treat disease, trade player card with other payers, build research stations and discover cures.
You may do the same action several times, for example:
Move 3 steps and cure 1 disease cube.
Move 1 step, cure 2 disease and build 1 research station.

After your 4 actions are done you draw 2 player card and then infect 2-4 city’s depending on the infection rate.
You infect city’s by placing colored cubes on them, there are 4 different colors that represent the 4 different diseases in the game.
If the city already has 3 cubes of a color,
you do not place a 4th cube. Instead, an outbreak of this disease occurs and the disease spreads to all the connected city’s.

The player card can either help or break you.
There are 3 different player cards, the colored city cards that will help you travel to other locations or build research station, event card that can be played anytime during the game and epidemic cards.
The epidemic cards will truly make **** happened.


Your main objective is to collected 5 of the same colored city card and then move on to a research station. At the research station you discard the cards to discover a cure for the disease of that color.
If no cubes of this color are on the board, this disease is now eradicated.

But during the game you will also have to maintain the diseases so that no outbreaks occur.


The goal is to discover cures for all 4 diseases.
The players lose if 8 outbreaks occur, not enough disease cubes are left when needed or you run out of player cards in the deck.


Oh my god this game is hard! We’ve played it a couple of times and have never won. The most times we lose because we ran out of player cards.
But this is truthfully a remarkable and good game.
The excitement and the tension alone when you play is hard to come by.

Using the characters strengths wisely and planning you strategy before the diseases turns the world into a zombie infected death trap is great fun!

This is a definitive buy!

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Games are about 45 minutes, 2-6 players.

You have 4 Action Points to spend every turn, the action costs varies, for example:
Move one space cost 1 AP but cost 2 AP if you are carrying a victim. Extinguish fire will cost 2 AP and opening doors cost 1 AP.

Some character have special skills that will make some actions cost less AP.


Your main objective is obviously to save the people in the burning house.
To do this you will have to identify the Point of Interest markers on the board to see if there’s a victim or a false alarm lying there.
You rescue people by carrying them outside.

While your trying your best not for people to burn to death you will have to move through fire, chop down walls and of course, extinguish fire and take out highly explosive objects.


The goal is to save at least 7 victims from the burning house.
You lose if 4 victims is lost or the building collapse (if all of the 24 black Damage Counters are placed on the board)


I really enjoy playing this game, its hard and very entertaining.
It’s a super cool and unique theme to be playing as firefighters and the game mechanics are excellent!
I love the fact that the fire spreading is totally random and you can never really know what will happen next.

I hear a lot of critics comparing this game to Pandemic, witch is one of my favorite games but I can’t really see it. The themes are completely different other than that they both are co-op games.
Also there is some complaints on the highly randomness in the game, I personal think this makes the game and the game experience much better than a lot of other games out there.

This is a definitive buy!

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20 out of 30 gamers thought this was helpful

The Settlers Of Catan is a perfect introduction to the board gaming world. Yet its still highly entertaining even for both expert and players who have been in the Settlers world for a long time.

It doesn’t take long to set up and start playing, even if your playing for the first time. The different missions you can complete makes The Settlers Of Catan even more dynamic, especially if you add one of the many expansion out there.

I personal prefer co-op games because i often feel uncomfortable with competitive game play, but this game is humble and charming. The trading aspect is very good, every player will sooner or later have to trade with their opponents witch makes the experience even better.

This is a game you will enjoy for a long time, get it!

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Eldritch Horror

54 out of 105 gamers thought this was helpful

This is probably the most difficult game i have ever played.
I’ve yet to actually finish it with out dying in the end.

The games complexity and design is very rare and really impressive.
I really enjoy the co-op playing and how much the different characters effects the game.
All the different stories depending on the “boss” you chose or even the test or trials you chose to encounter during the game makes this a really dynamic and intriguing game, really awesome!

The only bad thing about this game is the rule book, it takes some time to truly learn the game basic. It took about 3 campaigns until me and the people i play with fully picked up all the details and rules.

I highly recommend you try this game!

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Zombies!!! (2ed)

19 out of 21 gamers thought this was helpful

“Zombies!!!” is fun game, its not very complicated and easy too learn.

I would say that the game has an 2/10 strategy rate and 9/10 luck rate. This makes the game highly unpredictable, fun, sometimes very difficult and frustrating, but still fun. Unless you pick up a great weapon along the way you can never be certain if you’ll come out of alive from an building or an horde of zombies.

There are some things that unfortunately makes this game just “a good game” instead of an awesome one.

The game depends to much on how good your movement rolls are, if you throw a “1” you’re chances to pick up the “health” and “bullet” tokens and progress further in the game are really bad, not good.

The deck is filled with a lot of cards (good ones) that you’ll never use because they are either locked to a specific place or you’ll first have to visit a certain place until you can use them.
Often you´ll end up discarding a good card because its just to far away to “that” place from your location.

You need a 4 or higher on 6 dice to kill an zombie and you will probably encounter at least 20-40 zombies during a game, the odds are a bit too low to keep the game flowing for every player. Especially when there´s not a lot of good weapon cards in the deck.

I personal enjoy games with equal luck/strategy rate but i still enjoy playing “Zombies!!!”, especially with some of the great expansions that are out there.

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