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Mascarade is a denunciation game. In this case you won’t guess others identities but your own. Winner is who is first to collect 13 coins.

Therefor each player gets a character card that he is allowed to look at at the beginning once. Now there is three possible actions available:

a) Swap your own with another player’s identity card… or not! You are shuffling under the table (or behind your back or whatever) and keep it secure from others eyes.
b) Have a look at your own card.
c) Guess who you are, tell the others and benefit from the character’s ability (e.g. gaining coins). Now there is a chance for any other player to interrupt and to denunciate you. In exchange both of you have to reveal the identities. Liars are going to pay one coin.

Of course each player does only have one action each turn. And of course you may benefit from an ability of an identity you do not have – if the others trust you. As a result this game evolves into a random guessing-party for sure. But… It’s fun! After three or four swaps in the first turns (the first turns don’t allow any other actions) you may call yourself a lucky devil if you are able to remember even your own identity.

I would never (never!) play this game with less than six people but with a large group this one comes out as a decent 20-minutes-activity. You will remember those moments for sure, you are convinced of being the king (and therfor willing to get three coins) and then one of the other unknowing players (what a fool!) interrupts you. Confidently you are going to face up your card and… “Wait! I am not the king?!”

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