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A skirmish game set in the World of Malifaux, accessible through “The Breach”, where magic is real through the use of a natural element called a soul stone, and nightmares become reality.
You choose one of five factions that suit you Arcanists, Neverborn, Guild, Outcasts, or Resurectionists, and then fight to control your part of Malifaux, or all of it.
No dice, actions are accomplished through a “fate deck” shuffled and cut every turn. Sometimes fate is on your side, sometimes it is not. Sometimes your master can “cheat fate”, you decide if it is advisable.
The real appeal of Malifuax is the miniatures. Aside form individually packaged, Malifaux factions are packed in a boxed set, five to six miniatures you paint and then use. Zombies, witches, undead *******, dogs, cats, snakes, cowboys, show girls, a mad hatter, even Ninja’s, you decide which to begin the adventure with. Starter boxes are priced around $35-$40 USD, the Basic Rule set is $35USD and the fate decks are $7.50USD, but any normal 52 card deck can be used.
Played in a 3’X3′ area, the basic “brawl” of two starter sets can be finished in about an hour and a half. Factions take turns activating one character per side, once all have been activated the turn is over. Five turns decides the game. . .unless fate steps in.
Malifaux is a product of Wyrd Miniatures, Try it, ask a Henchman!

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